I wanted to focus this blog on some favorites:

1)  Life — It happens in all its forms every day.  Let’s focus on the issues — what its like to be married, then divorced, have kids, see kids grow up and leave the nest, lose a parent, start dating again, start breaking up again…and so much more.  Hope you enjoy the changes

2)  Love — What’s Love got to do with it?  Well, as it turns out — everything.  We’ll talk — stay tuned…

3)  Travel — this is a biggie!  I would travel every week if I could — I value weekend getaways, as well as the longer one-week or two-week vacation.  I find getaways even more refreshing when they morph into a 3-day or 4-day weekend.  Easier to pack and unpack for, as well as less administrative things to take care of in the household, kitties, etc.  There will be much, much more about travel in this blog.

Thanks for reading!