I thought about some of the topics most interesting to me….there are so many!  But I wanted to focus this blog on some favorites — 1)  Chocolate — I like GOOD chocolate in most forms, but some favorites — chocolate pretzels, chocolate raisins, and chocolate fudge!  Dove makes a fairly inexpensive, yet rich, chocolate, as well as some other international companies.

2)  Travel — this is a biggie!  I would travel every week if I could — I value weekend getaways, as well as the longer one-week or two-week vacation.  I find getaways even more refreshing when they morph into a 3-day or 4-day weekend.  Easier to pack and unpack for, as well as less administrative things to take care of in the household, kitties, etc.  There will be much, much more about travel in this blog.

3)  Wine — I didn’t really appreciate wine until I was in my 40’s!  I’ve learned that no matter how expensive the wine, if it comes up vinegar-like, or sour-like on my pallet — its a no go!!  On the other hand, the smoother the wine, the more mellow (and somewhat sweet), and fragrant — its a yes!  I drink wine because I really enjoy the smell, look and taste of it — it’s a true art, and like any art — you have to practice, lol!  We’ll also delve more into this, as several of my destinations are to vineyards, and sampling their specialties!

Thanks for reading!