Happy 2018! Five thoughts for January to get you through the Winter….

Well its been a while, certainly.  But the writing bug has taken hold again, and the holidays are quickly behind us.  January can bring its own challenges — the cold, the snow (sometimes), the bills left over from Christmas…..

But there is also beauty in the month, and I find quite a few things for which to be thankful!  Here are 5 thoughts for January that I hope will give you warmth and happy thoughts:

  1.  The days are getting longer…I notice each day that it’s a little lighter out.  By the end of the month, it’ll really be noticeable!  Its a fun game I play…in January I think, “We are on the plus side now…the days are getting longer from now until June!”  Spring and Summer are coming!
  2. January thaw….even though we know that February and even March can pack a big snowstorm punch, two weeks ago we had 60 degree days…how wonderful is that?  All the dirty snow melted and I even saw several flocks of robins!
  3. While I always enjoy the lush greenery of summer, winter has some beautiful examples of beauty too….check out these plant pictures (below) that I took on a luncheon walk at my place of employment….
  4. Family get-togethers – to get through the long nights of winter, my family often schedules Friday night game night or Sunday morning breakfast.  Its a way for us to get out of the house, or just get together for the fun of it.  Our favorite game is Left, Center, Right!  You can buy it just about anywhere online.  We all start with $3 (for left, center, and right).  At the end of the game, whoever is left wins the money in the Center!  Its great fun, and with about six of us playing, at $3 each, that’s a nice win — $18!  Great fun!
  5. Snow can be beautiful….I love the BIG snowstorms.  Work usually closes, I hunker down inside with some tea and a good book, and watch the snow falling all day.  Its a time like no other, some enforced relaxing and thinking, full of gratitude.

So enjoy your January, and I’ll see you soon!  Enjoy the pictures I took outside…beauty indeed!

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