West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains….How I Drove Through Last Summer in an 18-Wheeler

I hear John Denver singing in the background.  Last summer I spent some time realizing a dream of mine — driving an 18-wheeler!  During that training with a well-known trucking company, it took me to some fascinating places — and to various manufacturing plants of Perdue.  Yes, chickens.  It was an awesome experience carrying their refrigerated loads (called reefers) and delivering them to the various plants.  Perdue thrives in countryside locations where they prepare, sadly, the chicken that we love to eat.  But we won’t go there….  What I’d like to share is the wonderful areas of the countryside I saw along the way, and what they looked like.  So instead of writing about all this, I’ll simply show you…Enjoy.


Accomac, Virginia


Monterey, Tennessee (Yes, I parked that baby, all by myself!!)


Route I 81 in Virginia


They smoke their own pork, and more, at L’il Steve’s in Beaver Dam, Kentucky — one of my most favorite towns!!

There you have it short — but sweet. To read more about driving, see “On the Road in an 18-Wheeler….to California and back.”

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