Who doesn’t like Antiques, Arts and Food in New Hope, Pennsylvania?

New Hope, Pennsylvania, is a charming town right on the Delaware River, somewhat across from Stockton, New Jersey.  It’s about a 15-20 minute drive from Trenton, New Jersey, and was incorporated in 1837.

IMG_2911There is plenty to do in this vibrant village – from arts and crafts galleries, to restaurants, B&Bs, and, of course – antique shops.

Wander by the delectable candy shop, and the leather shop that carries just about any item you’d want–the leathery smell is wonderful and brings to mind cowboys and horses.  Motorcycle groups bike in on a sunny day and stop for a brew at some of the popular music holes.

Many of us here in Bucks County have enjoyed the wide array of shows at the Bucks County Playhouse.  Local sources state it opened in 1939, after it was converted from a mill.  Although it closed for a brief time in 2010, it reopened in 2012.


One of my favorite shops is an old book store named Farley’s Book Shop.  It’s independently owned, and I’ve been able to buy some great books for a great price (these are in the very back of the shop) http://www.farleysbookshop.com/home. The musty book smell as you walk in reminds us that books will never die!

There are so many great shops and art galleries to talk about that this one blog won’t be able to do it all justice – you’ll simply have to stop by and visit.  But at one restaurant that my daughter and I tried, I don’t know if we liked the food or the drinks better.



Marsha Brown Restaurant is “a refined Creole Kitchen & Lounge located in a 125-year-old, stone church right in the center of New Hope, Pennsylvania. The main dining room features 40-foot ceilings, an impressive 30-foot mural, antique furnishings and stained glass windows. The lunch and dinner menus are highlighted with the finest cuts of meat in the area, fish delivered fresh daily and a premier raw bar.”


The day my daughter and I stopped by for lunch, it was hot and very sunny.  So we loved the quiet, intimate setting of the place.  It still felt like a church to me.  It welcomed us.  I won’t go into great detail on the items we chose for lunch (I had quiche and my daughter had a sandwich) as the pictures and menu will speak for themselves!


All I can say is you’ll never run out of things to do in this little, rock star village on the Delaware!  One of these days, I want to blog about the rafting we do on the Delaware River, a little further north. Fun and Fabulous!


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