On the Wine Trail in Bucks County…

This past week, we’ve had company from Florida and it has offered us a chance to enjoy some of the local enticements in Bucks County.  Staying true to my blog theme, we visited a local winery that is called The New Hope Winery.  It JUST added a restaurant venue, called the The Pour House.  New Hope Winery  We stopped by during the afternoon, and didn’t need to eat, but we definitely wanted to try some of the wines there.  I’ve enjoyed their selections in the past, and was not disappointed.  Instead of the wine tasting at the wine bar that they used to have, they now offer “flights” with four different wine experiences, depending on whether you like dry wine, sweet wine or a “world tour” kind of tasting experience.  I preferred the sweet wine, and here’s what it looked like.  IMG_3836[1]

It would be very difficult to pick which one I liked better.  The first, a white grape wine called “Native American” was crisp, sweet, and the aroma of white grape was so wonderful and powerful my eyes rolled back.  The next, another “Native American” but with red grape aromas, was exquisitely delicious.  What a pairing, if you were having a dinner with fish and meat — and added this white and red couple to your table.  The Cayuga Grape and Peach wine was another eye roller.  I would buy a case, if I could afford it.  The peachy aroma was so lovely, I could have sniffed it for quite a while, but once tasting occurred, it was gone rather quickly.  🙂

Another example of their new restaurant menu follows:


And here’s another wine tasting option:


Our server was gracious and very attentive.  Although I’ve seen a few bad comments on the website, overall, I’ve never had a bad experience there.  They also have live music and online ordering for their wine.  As a final ending to an enjoyable afternoon, we decided to try a little dessert.  I had the cheese cake with raspberry drizzle and blueberries.  Honestly?  One of the best I’ve ever had! Delectable!


So get on over to Bucks County and support the local wineries — you will not be disappointed!

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