ABOUT WINE…Sand Castle & Chadds Ford

Copy (2) of SAM_0206Ordering Wine…

I only started enjoying the delights of wine when in my forties and fifties!  Yes, I drank it before that, but  never appreciated the finer nuances of wine.  One time, on a lovely date, a guy took me to the Sand Castle Winery. Copy (2) of SAM_0208 It was such a delightful experience. We tried about 10 wines in this tasting party, and paired them with chocolate, fruit, cheese, herbs and more, to show how things complemented the wine!  Friends who know me are aware I love fruity, sweeter wines. But I’ve also realized that the light white wines (which are an acquired taste for me) are even more enjoyable to drink, if you’re going for an extended evening.  They are lighter and less cloying to the palate somehow.  Sand Castle is close to the Delaware River, and also hosts many weddings and events.  I love the pigeon by the doors — see him? Copy (2) of SAM_0209Another one of my favorite wines is fairly local — Chadds Ford Wine  — Spiced Apple.  It’s absolutely delectable, and I love it chilled.  I have learned that red wines are supposed to be served warm and white, chilled.   But I usually chill all my wine — less hot flashes.  There will be more wineries — stay tuned!

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